network enable usb devices

The setup is for the home use of one person essentially.
The following will be attached to a router:
1.) 2 x computers (one used infrequently)
2.) 1 x laptop
3.) 1 x media player (networked)
4.) 1 x Avermedia F10 - TV tuner for networked devices

a.) I would like to access 3 x external HDD (not networked enabled) and the media player and Avermedia both of which are network enabled from any device without being dependant on another, for example the media player ideally should be able to access an external hard drive without a computer.

b.) Ideally I would like to use one external device 2T as the backend of all the computers which would ideally be synced.

c.) I do not need extra storage so a NAS server seems like overkill is there anything else I could use to perhaps network each HDD individually.
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Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
USB devices have to be accessed thru the device they are connected to.  You can not make them independent and 'network enabled' without a computer or some other device that has a network connection.
Bill HerdeConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
If the HDD is not network enabled, you will need a usb-ethernet adaptor to make it.  There will need to be a common element (network) to get what you want, else the HDD is going to be connected to one device or the other. If either of the two other elements are able to share the disk, then you can get halfway there without spending.  BTW with setups such as this it is usually a good idea to put everything on static IP. (and document it!)
Marina2006Author Commented:
As I suspected thank you for your help.
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