Maintain persistent VPN connection from iPhone

I want to be able to maintain a PERSISTENT VPN connection to a VPN server in my house from my iPhone, like how the anyconnect client works for Cisco.  Anyone know of any apps that will do this because the VPN client on the iOS won't do that.  You have to manually connect the iOS VPN client every time the phone locks.

Anyconnect client is proprietary to Cisco stuff I want to run a VPN server from my house.  I believe I'm going to use the Astaro VPN offering, if that makes any difference.
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Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
Apple does not allow applications to access the low-level connection settings or hooking vpn APIs. There are applications that are able to establish a connection with some server but this connection is intended to be used by that application only, other applications or iOS won't route through it.

In non-jailbroken devices:
You can't do that. Maybe your solution is to keep your device always on.

In jailbroken devices:
I have not seen such a tweak/app. But it is doable in jailbreak world.

(also check if you can use HTTP proxy for your purpose)

IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
I am pretty sure you are right, but don't want to accept it.  Why do they let Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client do this?  Frustrating.  I hope you're wrong, but doubt it.  HTTP proxy is not what I wanted to do, but that's also a good idea.  Thanks.
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
Good question...

Actually there are only-and-only 3 VPN client applications available on AppStore:
1- Junos Pulse
2- Cisco AnyConnect
3- F5 BIG-IP Edge Client

These three applications use some private APIs for maintaining their connections and also they can route other iOS apps too. But how apple have approved them?
I think these companies have signed a contract or an agreement with Apple for using such private APIs; so apple made an exception here and have approved them. Other applications still getting rejected if they use any private API calls.

Check if Juniper Pulse or F5 BIG-IP Edge Client satisfies your problem; if they don't, there is no way to accomplish this except buying their VPN accounts maybe...

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IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.  This just pisses me off.  If they don't want to support it, just come up with some hack work around.  I want a persistent vpn connection.  All of these solutions appear to be only for their products.  I don't have my vpn up yet, so I can't test if this is absolutely true, but all of the documentation seems to say no.  I will keep this post open for a little while until it's up and I can confirm.  I do greatly appreciate your assistance.
Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

On a JailBroken phone, I believe this is the process:


Looks like your method may work, Rob.
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