mac external harddrive on a Win7pro?

I have a mac external harddrive that I want to mount on my WinPro7 box. I connected it with USB cable and it showed it was mounting, but when I go to "Computer", I don't see it listed there as one of the drives.
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If it uses a MAC file-system then you won't be able to read it on an m$ OS, as that OS doesn't know that file-system. If it uses fat32 then it should be readable though (check via Disk-Management and check whether you can assign the drive a Drive-Letter, and also whether it is recognized by Win7.

You could also try booting the PC using a PartedMagic LiveCD, it should know about MAC File-Systems and be able to mount it. You can then copy the data to your Windows internal HD:

A 3rd option would be to google for an HFS+ utility you can install under Windows, which may allow you to read MAC file-systems.

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How is it formatted? If it's a format that is shared by MacOS and Windows then find it in Disk Management.  If it's a format that MacOS only can read (xfat - except Win 7 and MacOS (journaled) you'll need to install a third party app in Windows like MacDrive
Hi Pls Check this

I had this problem before. what i recommend is to first make sure the drive is able to mount on another Mac. If this works than is probably your Mac. Go to System Profiler and click USB, check if the computer recognizes the device, if it doesn't than you can try resetting the PRAM and SMC. Another step that did worked for me was to use the external drive with its own power source, for some reason my macbook sometimes wont provide enough power to the drive. Hope this helps.

you probably need a converter to read HFS (mac) formateed drives

I use this one:

There are others, but this one works well for me
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