public role in MS sql server


I've been learned that the public role can be used when we want only a specific group of users that can access the server to have access to a specific database.
Let's say that I have 2 departments: deptA and deptB
I also have 2 DBs: DB_A and DB_B
Now I create global groups GA and GB and these are mapped to DB users, userA and userB respectively.

The requiremetn is: people in deptA can access to both DB_A and DB_B, but people in deptB can access to only DB_B and I need to use only 'public role' to solve this problem.
I guess that since userA and userB are in the database, they both have the permissions assigned to the Public role.  What kind of permissions should I grant to the Public role to resolve this issue?

How can I accomplish this?
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you can add map the domain to both the user.
IzzyTwinklyAuthor Commented:
Hi TempDBA,
I don't think that's the answer that I want.(I think I might explain the issue poorly, but please understand me since I am still a beginner).
public role is in database level, so DB_A and DB_B will have separate public roles for each, correct?

Here are steps that I think I should take.
1. In public role in DB_A, I add 'userA' as a role member and in public role in DB_B, I add 'userB' as a role member.
2. In public role in DB_A. I add secuable(database), DB_A and DB_B.
3. In public role in DB_B, I add secuable(database), DB_B only.

In this way userA can access to DB_A and DB_B using public role in DB_A.
Also, userB can access to DB_B using public role in DB_B.  

I might be wrong.  Please let me know if this is the correct way to use the public role for the scenario I stated in my question.
is this a home/course work related question?

normally you would only use the Public group for a development database , any usage against a production database would be
considered in-secure.

IzzyTwinklyAuthor Commented:
Hi Lowfatspread,

No I got this scenario from the book i am working on.  I just wanted to make sure I got the right idea about public role and the scenario provided by the book.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
By default every user will get the public role, you don't have to grant it to them.

To keep DbA more restricted, simply revoke priviledges from public in that db.

>> I've been learned that the public role can be used when we want only a specific group of users that can access the server to have access to a specific database. <<

Not sure about that.  As I said, everyone is automatically a member of the public role.

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