Which better converting an Avi on high bit rate or lower bit rate?

Which better converting an Avi on high bit rate or lower bit rate?
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depends on content SD or HD
when using x264
720p - Minimum 4000 kbit, maximum 8000 kbit. Minimum bitrate for animation is 2300 kbit.
1080p - Minimum 8000 kbit, maximum 14000 kbit, though not more than source-2000kbit. Minimum bitrate for animation is 5000 kbit.

for xvid/divx < 720px around 1200-1300 kbit and you should be fine
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Hi, what do you mean by 'better'?

A higher bitrate will get you a more detailed picture after conversion but a bigger file.

For what kind of device do you want to convert? A lower screen resolution would let you use a lower bitrate as the lo-res screen is not able to display all the details anyway.

Which better converting an Avi on high bit rate or lower bit rate?

Simple question and simple answer - of course that is better higher bitrate so you will get an AVI with a better quality, but then your AVI file will be bigger in Megabytes. It is a solution only if you have enough place on your hard disc. There is not a problem if you have only a few such big AVI files.
But, if your movie collection is 400-500 AVI files that can be a "little" problem.

So, I agree with _3mp3ror_ in some that he said. But, such files are too much BIG !!!

And for using H.264 or X.264 codec the minimal bitrate is:

720p - about 2000-2500 kbps,
1080p - about 5000 kbps.

In fact, I was looking a movies that has 700 MB on an HD TV that has diagonal of 108 cm ( 43 inches ) and are set to resolution 1920x1080p.
And I can say that some AVI files look good, because they are made in an EXPERT way.

On the other side, on the same HD TV I watching an AVI movies that has 1440 MB and they looked terrible. It depend is AVI file made correctly or for "watch this movie and after watching delete it".

For XVID/DIVX I agree with _3mp3ror_.

But, what if I want an AVI file that looks very good and has such VIDEO and AUDIO features:

You can get this only with setting an proper quality factor.

But, I have explained that to you in one other theme on this Forum.

good luck



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IhabAuthor Commented:
thanks for your Kind support, more details:
I am downloading avi movies, and I want to embed the subtitles in the movie so I can watch it in my LCD screen then delete it, the normal movies which is not HD,
IhabAuthor Commented:
and the codec I wanna use is Xvid
Warm Regards
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