windows can't load desktop theme, it switches to the default one


when I logged on my vps, the following errors are shown in the event viewer:

Event ID: 9003

The Desktop Window Manager was unable to start because a composited theme is not in use.

Event ID: 1505

Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system.

DETAIL - Access is denied


Then I can't see my previous desktop.
How can I fix this?

I didn't do anything. It just stopped working.
I see black desktop with 2 icons. computer and recycle bin.
My changes on the desktop icons always lost.

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Don ThomsonCommented:
Looks like your profile may be corrupted
You can try logging in as Admin  and create a new Profile - Then just temorarily give it full admin permissions and copy everything from your old profile over to the new one.
It's a pain but may be the only way to fix it. I would have the Admin do a Chkdsk on the server drive - Server 2008 and Server 2011 tend to have the drives go south on a regular basis
because it says, Access is Denied, you may have gotten one of those "fake" anti-viruses, that "hide" all your icons..

are you running a "virtual private server" on a windows 2008 server?

Do you log in from OFF-SITE or are you looging into the server console directly.

let me know

jet-blackAuthor Commented:
I connect to VPS via RDC.
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