Cisco 1811W Bandwith Problem

I have a Cisco 1811W router that I inherited from another person setting up.

We recently upgraded from a 7M/768k connection to 30M/5M connection.

Since then whenever I start to download a file, it will spike up to 2M or so downloading then slowly decline to sometimes 60k and then just stop and never finish downloading the file.

I'm using SDM to configure since I don't know much CLI.  Is there anything that could be causing this on the router?

I have checked the QOS policies and even deleted everything out of the policy and still the same thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I would bring this issue up with your ISP.  this sound like a connectivity issue.  It could very well be a speed limitation on your router but it's highly doubtful.  

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truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
I will give that a try.

But every time I run a bandwidth test, I get the correct result.

And web browsing is super fast.

Also, it's odd that when I download Adobe Acrobat or something like that using one of the download management utilities it works at the correct speed.

It is almost like it is limiting a connection to one destination at the time.  But that could be on the ISP.

truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
I have seen on other routers (Cisco SMB RV042) you can set the actual bandwidth that you receive.  So if you upgrade your bandwidth you have to change the router.

I didn't know if there was somewhere like this on the 1811W, but I looked everywhere and can't find anything.

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truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
I was able to go onsite and connect directly to the modem and get the correct speeds from the cable modem.

I then connected only my laptop to the router and had the same problem of extremely slow speeds through the router.

I went into the Interface for the Internet and turned off the Inspection Rule Outbound rule to none and cleared the inbound access rule and everything started to work correctly.

But when I turn them back on the problem starts.  I looked at the policy and rule and couldn't find anything that should cause the problem.

Any other ideas in the router config that could be causing the slowness?
How restrictive are you inspection rules?  Have you tried allowing fragmented packets?  I don't recommend it, but it may help. I firewall like an ASA 5505 or a sonicwall l might be a better option for your network.
truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
What would be the downside of allowing fragmented packets?
It sounds just like what would happen when you have a duplex mismatch  When you did the upgrade did your ISP provide new equipment?
truth_talkerAuthor Commented:
I kept the same equipment.

I tried switching the FE0 interface to 100MB Full Duplex and had the same result.

Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Network ArchitectCommented:

Please could you post your Configuration - It might be you Firewall policy slowing things down

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