Cannot run or restore ACT! 2010 database

When I try and run ACT2010 with my database I get Error1 (see attached JPG.
When I try to Restore or Restore As my last backup, I get Error 2.
Who can indicate what to do? Error 1 Error 2
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I have had this before with ACT!..

I shutdown my computer, disconnected my Internet wire (network cable), restarted my computer until it was up and running at my desktop... I waited about 3 minutes for the computer to fully start and "not find" a connection, thereby forcing all sorts of "resets" in the system automatically..

I then shutdown the computer... Hooked up my network cable... and restarted my computer..

After the desktop came up, I waited 5 minutes for all the "connectors" to relocate themselves...  and even though I "wanted to", I did NOT try and start ACT yet..

I restarted my computer one more time.. so it would be booting all normal like..

Once my desktop was up, I waited about 2 minutes for all background processes to start, then fired up ACT!..  the SQL service was working again, and ACT started ok.

--- Make sure you do all the MICROSOFT Updates there are to do... make sure you have all service packs installed, and make sure Act is updated as well..  (make sure ACT is updated FIRST before doing the other items..)

let us know

Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
It looks like the SQL service isn't started... have a look at:
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