hosting on windows xp

Hi  my pc is (windows xp) connected to the Internet 24/7

i want to host a website in this machine.. which will support and sql server
and im using broadband (No fixed IP address)

how can my end users can test this website from the URL/IP address..from external..

any software which you would like to recommend

1. initially i want to run from my pc
2. after the end users i will buy a domain and want to configure this to my PC? (How can i do this)
3. Once sign off.. i want to move to the any hosting solution..

Pls recommend
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Then you want dynamic dns. You can set it up for free over here
Since you want to use ASP.Net You need to enable the IIS (Internet Information Service) on you XP machine. I wouldn't recommend it, because it's version 5 which is quite old. The only way to update it to a new version is to update you're OS, because Microsoft doesn't release individual IIS version. A couple of Windows OSses and its IIS versions are
Windows 2003 R2 -> IIS 6
Windows 2008 ->  IIS 7
Windows 2008 R2 -> IIS 7.5

As a database you could use Apache mysql or SQL express.

A domainname is nothing more than something to translate a IP-Address. Since you don't have a fixed IP, it is not usable to use a domainname. You would have to change the corresponding IP every time your machines IP-address changes

I would advice you highly to find a webhoster which uses IIS 7.5, with support database. That way you can directly develop you're website. Webhosters use fixed IP addresses, so a domainname won't be a problem.
bsarahimAuthor Commented:
this is not the solution im looking.. something which can be websites can run dynamically with out changing the Ip address..and im aware of  IIS versions
bsarahimAuthor Commented:
not sure, how to configure the dnsdynamic.. any ideas will be appreciated.. thanks
Ive used before with success for hosting websites from home using a non-static ip.  You basically install the No-IP client on the machine you want to host the website on, that client then checks your IP and updates your external DNS servers automatically.  Check out the site below and let us know if you have any questions.

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