Deny user to send to All employees except some user

Dear All,
I have more than 500 user with mailbox and i want to deny some internal user to send email to all user except 2 or 3 user,
can you help me to find solution without to access to all user one by one and deny this user from delivery restricted tab
DXB ITAsked:
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DXB ITAuthor Commented:
this solutions not work with me because i can't access to all users one by one it's take very long time ,
but i resolve my issue by ADmodify tools.
Thanks 4 your support
For Exch 2003...
Create a group... make that group the only ones who can send.
Under Exchange General tab, ...
Normally set to accept email from everyone.
But change to accept ONLY FROM.... [your group]

For exchange 2010 examples, take a look here.

Printed references are available  at:

How to Set Restrictions on a Distribution Group
DXB ITAuthor Commented:
this solution only work with me , thanks 4 your usual support
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