ESET Smart security vs. Symantec Endpoint Protection/SBS version

I have very little expiriance with both Symantec Endpoint Protection and with ESET and currently i'm trying to conduct a research about both products versions 2011 and above.
Very difficult to decide which one is better, and it's really more a question of needs and size of the company.

But i'm here for less than that, i need really simple information that unfortunally i couldn't retrive from Google since none of the sites seemed reliable enough.
I would like to know what you think about ESET Smart Security VS. Symantec Endpoint protection(the latest version of each!) on the topics:
1.Interface management.
2.Virus Blocking
3.Virus Removals (ofcourse the types of maleware we are talking about does count, ESET can't remove ROOTKITS while SEP can)
4.Overall protection from getting infected.
6.Features 1 has that the other doesn't (like ESET Mail Security/Anti Spam, etc..)

Will appriciate any type of information including links, articles , charts and personal opinions!
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
My opinion:

Symantec has HISTORICALLY made a horrible, buggy product that doesn't work when you need it most.  Every major virus outbreak I've had to deal with has been "protected" by a Symantec product.  Even if the new one is flawless, they need to demonstrate to me that they've figured out what they've been doing wrong and that an update next week or next month will still work flawlessly.  (If memory serves it was this time last year (or so) when the year changed and Symantec couldn't update anymore because of the idiocy of their programmers.

Eset - I've only used at one client and that was about 1.5 years ago that I moved them OFF of ESET.  But given the choice, I'd use them instead.  

I will say Symantec has an AWESOME feature set and great controls... but really, I can design the same thing in VB with about the same level of success at actually making it work.

EE is FULL of questions about which antivirus to get... I'm happy to give my opinion, but you might just want to look through the options previously debated.
ZeevM333Author Commented:
I agree and know some of the things you've mentioned.
i have customers who had ESET there before they became mine, and some are with SYMANTEC.
I have to say, Symantec does prooves itself to be alot less buggy and alot better at protecting.
Major difference would be is if i get a buggy ESET, it's no biggy fixing the problem.
With symantec things may result to very drastic measures, most of the time when i had serious issues with symantec it'd cause problems with the server as well!
but Symantec at least provide removal tools and scripts to handle situations as such, while with ESET it's really not the case...unless i just never heard of thier tools.
From my expiriance it was alot easier to stop an infestation with symantec than with ESET.

Do appriciate your opinion and would love to hear more :)
I just want to point out that this is not an argument but more of a debate, i'd like to hear from others in my field what they expirianced rather than sales person or sell-out charts.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
> Symantec at least provide removal tools and scripts to handle situations as such
And that is part of my argument - how can you call what you produce a quality product when you can't even write it's installation routine to properly uninstall it!

If you need a "removal tool" you screwed up in the first place.  (just to be clear - I speaking TO symantec here, not you).
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ZeevM333Author Commented:
hehehe i know and agree, so how about the security of each?
Symantec did proove itself to be a good blocker and a good remover for maleware...
only time i had an infestation was when there was a station not protected with SEP, which caused all the other SEPS clients to pop up every few minutes alerting the worm trying to infest.

With ESET every single time i had an infestation, there was an ESET installed. while i scanned with it, it managed to find the maleware, but it should have blocked it in the first place and not let it get in!
quite stupid really... whats the point of having an AV program if it won't protect on it's own..
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I won't touch symantec if given the choice.  I do work for a large client that uses symantec and I find it WEAK at best in protecting against infections.

As for ESET, I used to use them 2 years ago (or so) at one client.  I found them to be overly agressive (they falsely identified security software as malicious) and weak (they twice - undoubtedly different variants - allowed one of "Antivirus 2009/2010" programs to infect a system.  The last infection I cleaned using VIPRE (which I've moved all but one of my clients to) and have found it does an EXCELLENT job at protecting and managing and reporting.

That said, ALL products suck when compared to those in 1998.  The virus writers are winning.  But something is usually better than nothing (symantec, in my opinion, being the exception to that rule - I've seen/heard of so many problems it's not funny... and other products don't seem to have nearly as many issues.
ZeevM333Author Commented:
VIPRE looks promising.
Does it have any management consoles?
Or it only serves as stand alone 1 license per station?
I got few SBSs but this won't be a solution without a console
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It has a great management console.  And very good support.  And it's made by GFI and integrated with GFI Max (optionally).  And pricing is great to.  As is deployment.  I've been using it for over 2 years and have move of my clients running it. RARELY a problem and I've had several clients tell me that it's caught things their old solution failed to find.  (I used to be a fan of McAfee, but they got too bloated and ineffective.  I still like their support in that you can submit samples via website and get a definition update within minutes or occasionally hours... but I haven't had to try that with VIPRE).

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ZeevM333Author Commented:
Can you link me with the actual product i only find the stand alone.
Or just give me the name for the SBS/servers version Would be VERY appriciated
There is another program you should investigate - Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection.

It uses basically the same engine and technology as the highly rated home program, Microsoft Security Essentials, but has the addition of the system management module.  Cost is also very competitive which was a factor for the church I installed this at. I've had it running for over 2 years now and found it to be very reliable.

Good luck.
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