SQL Server 2005/2008 Statistics

I am trying to get my head around SQL server statistics. I can see on database level I have set AutoUpdate and AutoCretae stats on.
But when I look into individual stats of the tables/indexes ,I see stale details. For example here the last stats ceated are dated Oct 14 2011.

My query
1. Does SQL server creates table/index stats at time of execution/parsing when auto update is set to TRUE?
2. This may be ok for small tables but how does it manage tables with millions of rows? What percentage of sampling is carried out?
3. Is there a scheduled system job to autocreate database stats? How frequently is it executed?

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crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Thanks for the links. Unfortunately I can google some of them myself. I am looking for answers than tonnes of documents.
Could anyone detail me on my queries above?
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