How to check winPE version whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit any command please help

How to check winPE version  whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit  any command  please help
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dude try this,

 readme.txt <root of the cd>
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment Version 2005
Readme Document
January 17, 2005

winpe.chm <cd:\docs>

Daemonforce - is likely correct you have the 2004 version

Hi greensuman,

There isn't a built-in tool to view a files PE/Coff format or in your case the Ntheader.Machine name. I have compiled a x86 tool to demonstrate how to extract the information you need. Adapterinfo is a simple tool for viewing NIC adapter information (Only x64 tool I had on my desktop at the time). DumpPE is for reading the PE headers and reading the PE Format. The first part of the headers will show you the architecture of the file and a few other headers like time, date, size, sections, etc. Usually the Machine code is in hex format and not user friendly. It has been modified in this version of the tool to be more user friendly. You can also learn more about PE Format with the links below. If you have any questions feel free to fire away.

DumpPE usage & output:
C:\>DumpPE Adapterinfo(x64).exe

Valid Dos Exe File

Dumping DOS Header Info....
Magic number :                      MZ(Mark Zbikowski)
Bytes on last page of file :        0x90
Pages in file :                     0x3
Relocation :                        0
Size of header in paragraphs :      0x4
Minimum extra paragraphs needed :   0
Maximum extra paragraphs needed :   0xffff
Initial (relative) SS value :       0
Initial SP value :                  0xb8
Checksum :                          0
Initial IP value :                  0
Initial (relative) CS value :       0
File address of relocation table :  0x40
Overlay number :                    0
OEM identifier :                    0
OEM information(e_oemid specific) : 0
RVA address of PE header :          0xd0

Valid PE file

Dumping COFF/PE Header Info....
Signature :                         PE
Machine Architechture :             AMD x64      <-- This part is what your asking for.
Characteristics :                   Executable Image ,Application can addres
2GB ,
Time Stamp :                        Wed Dec 28 16:29:36 2011
No.sections(size) :                 5
No.entries in symbol table :        0
Size of optional header :           240

Dumping PE Optional Header Info....
Address of Entry Point :            0x1ee8
Base Address of the Image :         0x1
SubSystem type :                    Windows CLI
Given file is a :                   PE32+(64)
Size of code segment(.text) :       43008
Base address of code segment(RVA) : 0x1000
Size of Initialized data :          30720
Base address of data segment(RVA) : 0x40000000
Section Alignment :                 0x1000
Major Linker Version :              10
Minor Linker Version :              0

Dumping Sections Header Info....

Section Info (1 of 5)
Section Header name :               .text
ActualSize of code or data :        0xa663
Virtual Address(RVA) :              0x1000
Size of raw data (rounded to FA) :  0xa800
Pointer to Raw Data :               0x400
Pointer to Relocations :            0
Pointer to Line numbers :           0
Number of relocations :             0
Number of line numbers :            0
Characteristics :                   Contains executable code, Readable,

...<Other sectors truncated for brevity>...

Open in new window

You can learn more about PE Format if you wish by following these articles.
Microsoft PE and COFF Specification
PE File Structure

Download: DumpPE : adapterinfo(x64)

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