Moving my Outlook.pst file to a different folder

I use Outlook 2010 (x64 if that matters). Currently, my Outlook.pst is located here:


For a variety of reasons, I'd like to move it to c:\email\Outlook.pst or My Documents\Email\Outlook.pst. What do I have to do in Outlook? I could move the pst file using Windows explorer but I'm worried I'd lose all sorts of Outlook settings.

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AustinComputerLabsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Close Outlook then.

Just copy the PSt where you want, then rename the old one to .old.

when you open Outlook it will say it cannot find the PST and you can navigate to the new location .

Then restart Outlook and your all set.

the PSt has all of your Outlook data: mail, contacts, calendar and the rest.
you can move to the needed path, then re add it on outlook from the account settings
If you want confirm access to new location before delete ...
* stop outllook
* copy pst to new location
* open outlook
* open tools/options/accounts
* add new acount, pointed to new pst file
* when you confirm that all is OK, remove old account, stop outlook  and delete old pst
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ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
I have 7 different accounts. Will that make a difference?
- Close Outlook
- Cut (move) the PST file to different location (ie d:\PST_Folder\mymail.pst)
- Go to Control Panel> Mail> Show Profiles
- Click the Radio button saying Prompt for a profile to be used. (you told you have 7 Different Accounts)
- Choose (click to highlight) the Profile (Mail account) that you want the PST to connect to> then Properties
- Click Data Files> Add> Choose Ofc Outlook Personal Folder File (PST)> ok> Then browse for the new location of the PST file (ie d:\PST_Folder\mymail.pst)> Ok.
- On the Mail Tab> Choose (click to highlight) the email account (usually email address of the user).
- Then click Change Folder, you will see the attached PST file> choose inbox under Personal Folder> then OK> Close

ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
This is where I get confused. The 7 accounts all deliver mail into the same pst. Charles's instructions make me think that it willl only work with one account.
The one PST file contains the data for any and all accounts setup in Outlook.
One you move the PST using Charles' detailed instructions the PST will still have all the data for the seven accounts.
The profile that his instructions mentions in step 4 is the overall profile that all seven accounts use.

My only additional suggestion would be to rename or move the old PST file instead of "cut (move) that way to have a backup in case you misinterpret a step and make a mistake.
You can attach the PST file to any email account in your computer, usually, you can only open one instance of outlook mailbox per user but your exchange admin/ or you can give mailbox rights to any user to open other mailbox, but, you can only attach the same PST file "once" per user.
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. This is very complicated stuff although I was able to manage. I moved my PST from my desktop which runs Outlook 2010 x64 to my laptop which runs Outlook 2010 x86. I had previously setup all six of my accounts on the laptop so it worked except for rules wizard which I had to recheck some of the rules. I took my laptop out of town for a week and had no problems.

When I returned, I copied the pst back from the laptop and everything seemed to be OK again (I had to re-check some rules though) but I noticed that every time I went to compose / reply to a message, after typing between 10 and 20 characters, Outlook would freeze. No error message was given. The mouse pointer would just disappear if I moused over an Outlook window. I did a scanpst and a compact but this didn't help. Nor did disabling my addins and rebooting.

I had a backup copy of the original week old PST and so I reset Outlook to use the original and the problem went away. I then opened the laptop's copy of the pst as an extra outlook data file and then dragged all of the messages I received while away back to the original PST.

I'm not sure what happened here and suspect it might have sokmething to do with subtle differences between the Outlook installation on my desktop vs laptop. Perhaps the fact that I moved from an x64 Outlook to an x86 one and then back had something to do with it.
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