Remotely Access Files on a Mac

There are several Mac's in my office and on the same network. Is there a way an administrator can remotely access the file system of the other Mac's by navigating to \\mac-computer-name?
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Mac2010 gave some options for remotely accessing the systems, but from your question, it sounds like you want to just access the shared files over the network (like windows file sharing on a windows box). If you open up Finder on a Mac on the network, you should see the other Macs on the network on the left hand side. Click on one of them and you'll see the folders you have access to. If you want to share additional folders, you have to go into the Sharing section in System Preferences on each Mac.

Hope this helps.
Yes. The built in features are VNC and SSH (command line). You can activate these features via System Preferences/Sharing on the Mac that you want to control. Options "Screen Sharing" and "Remote Login".

A more convenient way is to use Apple Remote Desktop
For enabling ARD support on the 'other Macs', enable "Remote Management" in the same System Preferences window.

Is this what you're looking for? How many Macs do you need to 'remote control'?
Sorry, I got you the wrong link for ARD, this is the correct one:
ARD is a program that you'll need to purchase from Apple.
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