Unable to connect XBOX 360 wireless to DLINK DIR-655

My son just got a new Xbox 360, and he want to connect wireless to my router. I have a DLINK DIR-655, and I know my password but it will not connect. Keep saying that it can't obtain an IP address from my router. What step am I missing?
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rbrown860Author Commented:
I fixed it. I connected the xbox with an ethernet cable and then reset it to factory default. After that I could  connect using the wireless router. Thanks for all your help.
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
To confirm:  this is the new 360 Slim model, correct? The older 360s required an addition wireless adapter whereas the Slims have it built-in.
rbrown860Author Commented:
No it is the new 360 Slim 4GB.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Check your dashboard settings on the XBOX.  Ideally use a fixed IP.

Check your settings on the router for the XBOX's IP match those here for XBLive!

You may need to soft reset the Dlink router & very occasionally have to update it's firmware.

Also check the encryption settings for your wireless network

If none of that helps then a wired Ethernet connection is useful to reset and diagnose where the setting error actually lies.
rbrown860Author Commented:
Found the solution without any help.
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