information store size limit

Dear all,
our exchange server information store size exceeded 93GB... But still working normal only...
But some users complaing they are not receiving emails from some domains...
is this issue related informtion store size.
does it matter information store size more than 75GB...
if it matters how to resolve the issue.


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the information store limit is 75Gb, but 75Gb is the limit of the actual email, 93Gb is the total size but bigger because it is fragmented. You should launch eseutil to defrag the IS database to get the real size and of course free up some space from the hard drive.
C:\program files\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /d c:\progra~1\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb

priv1.edb would be the name of the IS database

you'll need to dismount the mailbox store, it will  take several hours and you'll need 110% of free space on the partition where the mailstore is located.
Make always a backup before launching the tool
nivasnetAuthor Commented:
Yes... OK... This size effects any mail flow of my server..........

You will be getting error logs for this as after exceeding to 75 GB it creates errror log.

So tight your belt and do whatever you can do to below the database size, otherwise you may meet with disaster.

To do an offline defrag your drive

Archive the mailboxes, also change the retension settings, also purge old emails to .PST and keep somewhere safe or delete if you don't require.

Move Exchange Stores to a Different Disk by following below petri's site.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
With out white space running offline defrag does not make any diffrences,

You need to download old e-mail to pst to generate more white space

Check the Event Id 1221 on the Mailbox Store to make sure sufficient white space is available on the database

White Space (Recyclable Space) indicates how much space could be recovered by an offline defragmentation

White Space (Recyclable Space) means Exchange has carried out some routine maintenance on the Exchange database. Any old data that is past the delete thresholds has been deleted from the database.

The space it has left behind has then been consolidated, in to “white space”. The size of the database hasn’t changed – there is just some space within the database

2) Check the Event Id 1216 on the Mailbox Store to check the Database Size

3) Make sure you have taken the complete Backup of Both the Exchange Database

4) Exchange offline Defrage Require 110% of Free Space to Defrage Exchange Store,

If Mailbox Store Database size is 60 GB then you need at least 70 GB of free disk space on the server

(Check Event Id 1216 for Database Size)

5) Make sure you have taken sufficient Down time to run offline defrag on exchange database

(4GB of Database Defrage Require 1 Hour to Complete (60 GB of Database Require Approx 15 Hours)

Refer the Article for Offline Defrage

The actual size of exchange database 75 GB.

Your database size 93 GB bigger than normal database size.

The database size exceeds the maximum size limit, it will be dismounted on a regular basis.And mailflow will effected.

To resolve this:

First you run offline defragment on Exchange store.

End users to download old mails on local PST or delete the older mails.

To perform offline defragment

110 % free space of actual database.

Offline defragment takes 1 hour for 4 GB.

Before doing this take full backup of exchange database.

--Your database is morethan 75Gb ,everyday runs online defragmentation time,  your's database  dismounted.
-- To resolve this issue  we need to perform offline defragmentation i.e eseutil/d and isinteg on exchange database.
-- We have to run  offline defragmentation (eseutil/d) and isinteg on Exchange store 'First Storage Group\Mailbox Store.
-- To perform offline defragment we require 110 % free space of actual database.
-- The current database size is 93GB.
-- The version of exchange is Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition with SP2.
-- This supports a maximum of 75GB only.
-- As your database is already exceeded the maximum limit,you need to create white space of more than 35GB and thus we can perform offline defragmentation.
-- To create white space,inform your end users to delete there unwanted mails and extract there mails to personal folder(PST),thus creating more white space.
--Kindly check the keep deleted item and it can be changed to 0 days.
-- After doing this activity,run online maintainance and then have to check for available white space with the help of eventid:1221.
-- It require more than 30 hours down time to perform offline defragmentation.
(4GB of Database Defrage Require 1 Hour)
Note - Before doing this activity we need to have Exchange Full Backup.

Use this Link to resolve your issue.

Thank you.

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