iMac questions for newbie (alternative keyboard and zooming in)

1. I'm finding my 27" imac to small to read the screen. How can I program my mac OS so that when I pinch my trackpad, the firefox screen zooms in and out like in a photo rather than using the CTRL and finger slide function to zoom in

2. The wireless mac keyboard gives me hand strain (because of the letters being wider apart  and smaller size.  How can I use my existing wireless keyboard (full size)?


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I don't believe pinch and zoom works with Firefox. Use Safari instead.

Here is a video on how to connect a bluetooth keyboard:
abdb469Author Commented:
its a wirless usb keyboard I have not a bluetooth one.
What is the make and model of your wireless keyboard?

Strung is correct, the trackpad zoom will only work in Safari.
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abdb469Author Commented:
Logitech MK300
According to the product page for that product, Logitech does not make Mac specific software for that keyboard and mouse combo.  The software that Logitech provides is to enable the special hotkeys that come with the keyboard, we may not need that software to get the keyboard to work.

The USB connector for the keyboard (small black square with USB cable) has a connect button - after you plug that connector in to your Mac, you should be able to push the connect button and (quickly) push the connect button on the bottom of your keyboard.  This should get those two pieces talking (see attached image).

 Logitech User Guide capture
abdb469Author Commented:
will give that a try.  

2 further questions.

3. How can I run a drfrag type command to keep the HD in top shape?

4. How can I close an application on a mac?  Seems pressing the red x does not actually close it properly unlike MS Windows and the damn thing still stays open leaking memory
OS X does not require you to defrag the hard drive, although there are scripts that run on their own overnight that do maintenance.  Leave the computer running overnight (by setting System Preferences > Energy Saver > Never Sleep) once per month and your HD will stay optimized.

To close an application, head to the menubar (the strip at the top of the screen) click the application name, and then choose Quit.  You can also use the keyboard shortcut of command-Q (command being the key just to the left of the space bar).

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Have a look at these videos if you want to learn about using your Mac:

abdb469Author Commented:
Is there an easy way of switching between the iMac's speakers and my headphone plugged into the back of it?  Its really annoying having to fiddle with the back of it to plug/unplug it.

How do you know for definite that the computer defrags itself if left running overnight, how to do you see how much of the HD is fragmented?
The computer does NOT defray itself when running overnight. The nightly chron scrips just archive logs.

The general consensus is that there is no need to defray a Mac. It will not make any noticeable speed difference:
[Damned auto spellchecker!] The computer does NOT defrag itself when running overnight. The nightly chron scrips just archive logs.

The general consensus is that there is no need to defrag a Mac. It will not make any noticeable speed difference:
Try the sound prefs panel to switch speakers.
abdb469Author Commented:
I dont see a way of switching to speakers in the preferences as it only lists headset when plugged in?
It may be that the headphone jack has a cut out that cuts out the internal speakers. If that is the case, you have to unplug the external speakers to use the internal.
abdb469Author Commented:
Ok and final question.  I know that to do screen shot is as described on however what if I dont want an image saved on my desktop and just want to copy and paste an area like in windows Control print screen which then allows me to paste directly into e.g. Word?
abdb469Author Commented:
ok, thanks for your help.
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