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I have been approached my client to build a new web site for their tutorial college so they can take new student online and provide them the material once they enrolled with them. Once they become student they wanted to provide all sort of facility to the students through online from teaching them through a tutor to tracking their progress and providing the help and support as and when they needed it.  When we say material that including the PDF document, Video demos which should be able to access through the mobile devices such iPhone, iPad, etc.....

These are things I want to find out:
(1) They are keen on using Microsoft technology so obviously I'm thinking of ASP.Net as platform for this development so I don't know which edition of Visual Studio we need and what sort of cost that will incur.
(2) For the back end will that be any cost involved if I decided to go ahead with SQL Express? Or should I go-ahead with other edition of the SQL Server?
Can someone advice me on most cost effective way of doing this please? Also, we're thinking of hosting our-self so what sort of infrastructure we need. i.e. server, broadband, etc....  
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This jargon we are talking about are Microsoft products that are interactive intranet products that come ready out of the box capable of running .net code.

You mentioned that you want to use MS products, then maybe some reading up on what WSS and MOSS is before dismissing it as jargon.

As I previously stated, setting up a proof of concept prior to quote would be a good first step, then you could plan a scalable deployment.

so yes you will need a server, you will need an internet connection, you will need to consider licensing costs that will increase if it is scaled up, you will need to consider scalable storage and backup procedures.

you may find the customer already has a 2003/2008 server that you could host WSS on without cost to prove that the technology will be capable of delivering what they want.

but if you want to build a new intranet system from the ground up using .net then go ahead but Microsoft has already done most of the work for you
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You need Sharepoint Server. It will be easier for you to create website. You can have in house server at customer location or you can host it at ISP level.
before you commit to sharepoint, maybe create a proof of concept using WSS (Windows Sharepoint Server) included with server 2003/2008.

If this does what you what then plan a full MOSS deployment with SQL server
ube100Author Commented:
I asked for a advice but you two are talking all sort of jargon as I don't have a clue what you two talking about? Please go and read the question before you attempt to answer it?
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