How open Excel hyperling from Access form maximized

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I have a hyperlink on an Access form that opens an Excel file.  But the Excel file does not open maximixed.  Is there a way to make it open maximized?

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might be a silly answer but worth a shot, a lot of ms applications remember what state they were last closed in and will re open in the same state.  have you tried opening the file (not through access) and closing it maximized and then trying it from access?


Yes.  Doesn't help.
if your file is in read-only attribute then it will not maximized.
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you have to open the excel file using Shell

dim xlPath as string
xlPath= "c:\folderName\yrExcel.xls"

shell chr(34) &  SysCmd(acSysCmdAccessDir) & "Excel.exe" & Chr(34) & " " & Chr(34) & xlPath & Chr(34), vbmaximizedFocus

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<I have a hyperlink on an Access form that opens an Excel file.>
Hyperlinks cannot really have open "Options"
This is why capricorn1's post contains no hyperlinks.

In your situation, (AFAICT) there is no need for the hyperlink.

You can also do this through a Shortcut and setting the "Run" option to Maximized, ...but capricorn1's post is fairly straightforward and should work well

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