Vista hangs at boot splash, then no video. Want to upgrade to Win 7, thus question re. that.

I wish to repair a friend's Dell desktop. Initial problem is still apparent: hang on splash; after
replaced memory (same class) but upgrade from 1GB to 2GB..

But still a hang on boot. Dell repair OS option on F8 does not fix. Will try my own Vista Upgrade DVD, not the Dell install disk.
I think it best to get the Vista OS operating before upgrading to Win 7 Premium Upgrade OS?
Friend wants Win 7 instead of that (blank) Vista. (no question mark).

Right approach? As to how can the upgrade go well re. transfer wizard to migrate folders,
if the Vista OS is corrupted or maybe some hardware issues I do not know about?

Even a clean install might be an issue if there is still some hardware issue (not driver)?
Will either a clean install or upgrade to Win 7 not proceed if a hardware issue should prevent an install?
I do not want to waste a key code on a faulty install of Win 7.

I'll first try some Vista fixes on Weds. 12/28; such as: boot from full M/S Vista upgrade disk & run a repair. Run chdisk /p /r option if Vista install disk does not fix the freeze after loading mup.sys issue while booting. Other suggestions? I do not want to spend a whole day on Vista,
when Win 7 might correct a corrupted registry.

I forgot in my earlier repair attempt tonight, that I should have removed all USB devices, used P/S2 mouse & keyboard, then tried installing a PCI VGA card, as video is now Dell internal on MOBO. I didn't have such hardware with me at the Christmas party.LOL ho ho

So advice is requested as to whether I am advised to repair Vista before upgrading to Win7.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In this situation, I would back up the files, documents, emails and favourites. Then I would wipe the machine clean and format it. Install Windows 7 and see if it runs (that is, do you maybe have a hardware problem).

You are correct that the current corruption will mess up easy transfer. Do not even consider that here.

And you have 30 days to activate Windows 7. If there is a hardware problem, delete it and sort out the problem.

.... Thinkpads_User
>>  Initial problem is still apparent: hang on splash; after
replaced memory (same class) but upgrade from 1GB to 2GB..   <<  this should be adressed first
are you sure the motherboard supports 2GB sticks?
visit Dell site for details, or post the model here

when this is fixed, we can proceed - so post results
Have you tried going back to 1GB of RAM and seeing what happens then?

Windows 7 is quite good about upgrades, but will be much better with a clean install to be honest. A hardware issue can be seen quite quickly if there is one.

As thinkpads_user said, you have 30 days to activate Windows 7 - and you shouldn't have a problem transferring the license to another computer if there is an issue providing it is a retail license,
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You can skip directly to Win7; a problem in Vista will very likely also show up in Win7.  In fact, you can use Vista drivers in Win7.
jamesg1940Author Commented:
You say: "skip directly to Win 7".
Wouldn't u advise I try to fix Vista so as to use the easy transfer option?
I figure the friend would want me to do the install of Win 7 & then
install Programs, hoping that they have various key codes for such.
Yes, a clean install is best, which I run for my own use, but this tech support
is "gratis" for newbie retired/elders friends (too poor to just buy a nice rig for $300.+/-
I'll inquire re. that they do possess an external backup drive & as to what is
contained on that. This all might turn out to be less time consuming.
I'm gifting my time, $35. new RAM & Win 7 upgrade.

If I have more issues on this I will inform all re. the Dell model (which I will check out specs).
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
>> Wouldn't u advise I try to fix Vista so as to use the easy transfer option?

Given the condition of the machine, I would not invest the time in easy transfer. Two reasons:
1. The data may be corrrupted.
2. It may be easy, but lots of people have had it fail, long after it was too late.  

If you do wish to try Easy Transfer, be certain to make secure backups of everything (two backups even).

.... Thinkpads_User
Trying to fix Vista at this stage may eat up a lot of your time - corrupted files, as thinkpads_user mentioned, would be a high risk factor.  You want this to be easy, or it could end up straining your relationship.  And read this popular article as a caveat:

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jamesg1940Author Commented:
Thank you all. I enjoy receiving responses from several "old timers",
who have helped me in the past. What a vast "treasurer" of info.
re. support  all  respondents offered. I learned allot.
I will try a few
"tricks" ( to advance my knowledge) re. Vista, then give up "easy"
for a clean install of Win 7.
Friends will install their own Programs once I determine that the
boot splash issue is registry generated, not hardware.

The "5 reasons no free support" is the truth. I'll give that to
my certified tech support pal. He helped me for free too many
times. I've gone to E-E support to DYI my fix, for 10 yrs.
Tech friend will now only reply to paying customers; blocks
email/all comm. with filters.
I will freebie my friends with PC issue. I can afford the cost of
time & parts. I'm retired at 71 yrs., as a steel sculptor.

Best to you all,
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you. I was pleased to help, and good luck going forward with both Windows 7 and with life as a retiree.

.... Thinkpads_User
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