how many shares does the owner of a company gets

A company of 3 founders

1st person is the C.E.O (The Founder of the company)
2nd person is the C.O.O (Chief Operation Officer)
3rd person is the C.F.O (Chief Finance Officer)

what would be the your recommend share amount for the C.E.O on a scale of 100 and also for the other 2 Co-Founders?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The link wsawalhi posted is probably the best answer you can get from here.  And it's a poor answer in my opinion.

Reason being is that all parties need to sit down and discuss this with each other and with attorneys who can advise them.  Then they negotiate a deal that they all believe is fair.  Fair depends on how much each is bringing to the table.  Are they each contributing financially to the company? Are they each working roughly equal amounts of time advancing the company?  Do any expect to leave after a period of time?  Would it be fair for the COO to take 33% and work for six months and then announce his retirement... and KEEP his 33% while the other two work themselves to death to advance the company?  These are considerations that need to be taken into account and there are many others.  This is why an attorney is vital to establishing the answer to this question - comments from strangers here can, at best, tell you what you should be doing to ensure an equitable agreement is reached, but it would foolish for anyone to think they could answer the question or for the owners of a company to use some kind of specific advice from this question as a basis for their partnership/equity distribution.
Sam SawalhiIT ConsultantCommented:
Try this link.

Hope it helps

Thank you
tunapoAuthor Commented:
great thank you very much
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