Cisco 1811W router configuration issue

I just replaced a Linksys router with a Cisco 1811W and it's working well except this one issue. I can not access the webiste that is hosted on a server behind this router from within the LAN when this router is used as the gateway. The website is accessible from outside. I can access the website by going directly to the host server but not via www. Any idea what needs to be done to access the webiste from within the LAN?

Thank you.
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This sounds like a DNS issue.  What are you using for DNS on the LAN?  You will need to setup a www record on the internal DNS server and point it to the internal IP address of the web server.
If your workstations are using the new 1811 as the dhcp provider,it may not be giving ou the dns settings,  verify the config on the  on the 1811 and make sure it's configured to assign an internal dns.

If you are on the same subnet as the server you should be able to reach it by ip ar host name;


please post a 'show run', anonimizing content. We cannot help you without...

Anyway, the first thing i'd check is if clients resolve the hostname correctly, as told. And i mean they should resolve it with the dmz ip, not the external ip, if we are talking about NATted server.
Second thing: do access lists allows for internals going dmz?
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zafaricAuthor Commented:

DNS is handled by the DC, not the outer. I think what you are suggesting will make the website accessible internally w/o going out to www. But i want to know why I can't hit it via www.

I can hit it internally using the host server name or ip

http://servername or 

but not via www or

The 1811 router will not allow you to route outside the network and back in again.  This is why you will need the www record on your internal DNS server.

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What you could do is create the zone on your internal dns server, the create an A record in that zone, name it www, the point it to resolve to the internal ip address of the server.
Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
Could be just a NAT issue ... as written above, post the config and possibly a network schematic with IPs (don't need to post "real" IPs ...)
please check below .

1) from LAN can u ping IP of website
2) check if u can telnet the port used by website for e.g telnet 80
3) check ping ...if it has proper DNS number and entry then u should be able to ping it.

you can't do it with the public IP since you can't go out and then back in.
This is naturally cause there's no "magic" that routes your packets away from your router in internet and then sends you back in: packets aren't simply leaving the router since it holds the dest. IP and routing protocol searches the shortest way.

You can set an EXTERNAL proxy server (but PAY ATTENTION: don't write passwords or other sensible data while navigating through it until you FULLY TRUST IT) in your browser and that will do the trick, since the proxy will contact the website from its own interface.
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