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Hello gurus,

After we have tried Mdaemon and MailEnable we are going again to change our email server software.

I have been asked by the administration to provide a features list ,ie what should we be having in a email server , in order to go again
fishing for a new software. They are looking now into ZARAFA or Zimbra on Linux... But they need from me a features list (features we would need) so that they ask for the Linux gurus to install the email server as per this list.
I really don't know what to write in that report. Any help ?
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You should be looking at the features given below while moving/migrating your mail server software,

Migration Assistant
Mail Account Setup Wizard
One-click Address Book
Attachment Reminder
Activity Manager
Follow Up Messages
Inbox Preview
The most advanced HTML editor
Request Return Receipt
Priority of Message (Low, Medium, High)
Line Length for Wrapping
Content Transfer Encoding
Character Set (including all ISO formats)
A custom reply-to address
Up to 20 file attachments
Initiate mass emails from your desktop email client
Integrate your application with the API/Web Service
The most granular tracking, down to the recipient level

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ammounpierreAuthor Commented:
In fact I am not looking for a "migration" utility...

I nee to write down a list of features that we should be having in a new email server.

well, feature list is given above require to select the messaging system.
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