I am about to start creating reports for my application using crystal reports

I am wondering if i really should purchase the crystal reports software, or use the inbuilt one in VS.NET. my application is in vb.net


Anthony MatovuBusiness Analyst, MTN UgandaAsked:
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NavneetSoftware EngineerCommented:

Read this

Licensing is largely unchanged, with royalty free internal distribution of the runtime in all types of application, and free external distribution with client-side apps. The change comes if you embed the runtime in apps that execute it in multi-user mode (i.e. on the server) – to install them externally you’ll need SAP’s Crystal Reports Developer Advantage licence.

The version included with VS is not as user friendly as the standalone but for most circumstances will be sufficient to use.  The standalone version has a much nicer IDE and will give you more flexibility to report against different data sources.  Report changes are also managed easier when the reports are not integrated in the project.  
I use both but only use the .NET Crystal when I want to build more dynamic data sets for the reports.  
In the past the VS version of Crystal has been a feature limited version.  In other words, there were features in the full version that were not in the VS version.  The intent of the VS version was to get you interested in using a reporting tool and then hopefully you would purchase the full version.

The version that was written and distributed for VS2010 is the first version that has its own version number.
Previous versions with VS were cut down versions of CR v10.  They were called v10.2, 10.5 where as the VS2010 version is 13.  There is no full version labeled v13.  CR2008 is V12 and CR 2011 is v14.

I have not seen a feature comparison matrix tht includes CR2011 and CRfor VS2010 so I don't know if CR for VS2010 is basically a full version or if it has missing features.

Also there is no SDK for VS2011, so to use it you have to use the CR2008 SDK.  Since there were very few new features in CR2011, that doesn't create a big problem unless you don't have CR2008.  I also had read they didn't plan on providing an SDK.


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