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I'm building a web app I'm trying to get around coding CRUD for all my web services. I have some weird constraints because I'm integrating in to a dod product.

Can I use SQL Reporting services web services (SQL 2008 R2) to query my database like in 2005 with endpoints? If so Do you have to build reports for each table or can you just get WSDLs for your database.

If not any options for not writing a lot of code for all my tables

WCF is not an option. I wish..
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I'm not sure I entirely understand what you're trying to do, but at a high level the SSRS web services provide the ability to list and execute/render reports sitting on the report server.  The reports themselves are what would actually communicate with your database, so you aren't going to want to use SSRS as a makeshift data access layer.  I will say, however, that this is certainly a viable option for pulling data out of your database and displaying it on the web.

If you are looking for a simple data access layer I would suggest .netTiers, it is very fast to get up and running and provides pretty solid web services.


JasonPJohnsonAuthor Commented:
Codesmith is kinda what i'm looking for.

I am just trying to avoid writing out web services CRUD for my databases.

It seems that adobe flex wont consume atom or json based WCF data services.
JasonPJohnsonAuthor Commented:
Code smith is a life changer
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