Windows 2008 r2 webbased application

I am in a windows 2008 r2 environment where domain users have access to their own home directory and to a shared folder.

When I use a webbased application and the user wants to upload a file from their home directory to their web application it gives an access denied.

I think the problem is that only the domain user has access to his home directory and NOT the particular internet user.

How can I arrange this ?
thisis_itIT ManagerAsked:
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thisis_itConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Gentlemen; problem solved:

From a newsgroup:

In IE 8 go on Internet Options, security and remove 'Enable Protected Mode'. Or add site to trusted sites list
I got rid of "Location is not available" "Network access is denied." message on Server 2008 standard R1 this way.
Your question is a bit vague. What application, what format file, what is the precise error message?
Is the web-based application over the internet or is it an intranet-type app?
thisis_itIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Radministrator; thanks for your comment

The product is an internet based application (projectplace) where people can upload documents for particular work they did. So when they want to upload documents to that application from a shared windows 2008 r2 directory (with domain user rights) it gives access denied.
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Still not sure where the "Access denied" message is coming from. Can you copy-paste the exact text?

If in Internet Explorer, a script may be blocked by IE. Try latest version of Firefox and Allow scripts when prompted.
If Firefox is no good, check that your user is not trying to upload into a Projectplace folder that they have no Write rights on. This is managed via Groups, so a person who is in the wrong group may see the document folder(Read access), but not have access to write to it.
have you Check the Rights of Users where they uploading the data

For Example if a domain User Zain wants to upload something via you web based application he must have proper right on that folder that web based application used physically.

and i feel that application use AD for rights and permission

also verify the deployment steps of application
thisis_itIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Gentlemen: Maybe the information is too less.

The exact error message in windows 2008 r2 is : network access is denied.

I created a shortcut to internet explor to a webbased application from an external party.

When I use this under administrator; no problems. I also created a group policy where the user
cannot do anything, only start the application.

The user wants to upload a file via the web browser to the webbased application, but then he gets
the error message.
thisis_itIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
From a newsgroup found the right solution
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