unix mounting

i would like to knolw more about  'unix mounting ' concept,what are  its advantages, disadvantages,practical applications. Any resources,ideas, links highly appreciated. thanks in advance
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In Unix, every device and file system is "mounted" on same directory tree.  So for example if you have CD Drive, it would not have its separate directory tree but would come under the same tree that begins with /
Its name may be /dev/cdrom
Then you have to mount it to a location to access the contents, say, /media/cdrom
Now if you do
 cd /media/cdrom
you will access the contents of the CD
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
In unix there's only one directory tree. So to use some external resources like Shares (CIFS, NFS) or if you need more space and your harddisk or external disk can accomodate more partitions you create a filesystem then you mount it under some directory and make it a pice of your directory tree.

You can compare it to windows shares where you map a drive letter. But there you don't have several drives but a single tree. This is why you mount under your filesystem.

Recently with the introduction of Logical Volume Manager you no longer need to add partitions under a tree and expand your filesystem by adding your new disk under Logical Volme managerand expand current Directory. This is more flexible (if you need space and adding partitions under your tree for this purpose).

The advantage when compoared to Windows you can use all these partitions  added under your tree as a one resource..

The way unix works is that it sees all as a "file" whose type dictates what functionality it has and has a hierarchical stracture with / as the root of the structure.
There are defined labels to make it simpler to manage
/dev devices
/usr distibution installed user program
/etc configuration files
/sys system resources


In order to access any resource attached to a system, the resource has to be mounted either automatically or as needed.

I'm sure the resources offered will help.

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