Windows trail when moving over the desktop

I have this problem with my Windows 7 64 bit. When I drag a window over the desktop it leaves behind a trace that remains onscreen. I have all my drivers properly installed and my Windows is up to date (SP1 installed).

My system specifications are:
Motherboard: Intel DH61BE
CPU: i7
Memory: 8 G
No video card attached,

Thanks in advance
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Looks like you are using the integrated graphics of the i7 processor.  Intel released updated graphics drivers last week.  The version is and can be downloaded here:

If you don't have this latest video driver, try downloading and installing it to see if that helps the problem.  

Good luck.
Does it still happen if you change your desktop background to something else?  To change that right click on your desktop and choose personalize.
sminfoAuthor Commented:
Yes Bob. I tried to change the desktop background for a simpler one; also reinstalled all drivers but the problem remains.
I unchecked the "show window contents when dragging" and the problem disappears, but I don´t think that an i7 with 8 Gb memory can´t handle that.
sminfoAuthor Commented:
Well Bob, that was my first approach to solve the problem, to update drivers to the latest release.
I downloaded and installed that driver yesterday, but the problem remains.

If this helps, let me tell you that I had a previous DH61BE motherboard installed and I had to change it for a new one (just exactly the same one that I had before) and since I made that change the problem appears.

Thanks for your attention
Did you change anything else except swap the motherboard?  Install any other hardware or software?  Is this a home built system?

It is likely due to the video driver and your new board may have a slightly different revision with some slightly different graphics circuitry.

Here are some other things to try.
1.  Try switching to Windows 7 Basic theme and then back to your normal theme.
2.  Rerun the Widows Experience Index Score (Control Panel->Performance Information and Tools)
3.  In the advanced performance settings (System->Advanced system Settings->Performance) make sure that the option to "Let Windows Choose..." is selected.
4.  If the option exists, make sure the advance graphic settings are set for hardware acceleration (probably have to dig around and see if that is an option in the graphics property settings).

If you had some time and wanted to rule out conflicts with other software, you could use MSCONFIG to disable all startup programs and see if it works correctly with those all turned off.  If so, then re-enable them one at a time and see if/when the problem re-appears.

Hope this helps.

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