Is there a conflict running two "sync" Programs?

I run two "Synchronizing" Programs:
Acronis True Image 2012 "sync me"
Sticky Passwords Pro

I sync three PC's: two desktops & a laptop.
Sync defined as: sync Google web  bookmarks,
passwords, email contacts, data. Formerly used
Google to sync what it is capable to sync.
Acronis "sync me" to sync data & settings to each PC
and Acronis cloud storage account.

Sticky Passwords Pro advised to discontinue enabling
Google auto sync of web account bookmarks & passwords
to avoid conflicts. I disabled that Google option.

However, I still am running the Acronis Optional Program
to sync, ,mostly for the Cloud storage option.

Question (& advice sought):
Is it possible to run both sync Programs?
Purpose is to still avail the Acronis cloud storage.
Sure Google did that for me too, but I wanted more
net security by running the Sticky Passwords Pro Program.
Sticky Passwords does store bookmarks & passwords to
their Cloud storage.
I want to store much more data using the Acronis Cloud
Account (I paid for).

Please advise how I should "SORT OUT" my security
& sync. convenience options with these two Programs (minus
the Google options disabled now).

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The only people who are going to know for sure are the developers who have access to source code.  You can pretty much bet that neither vendor has tried to qualify with the other product.

What's the worst that can happen?   You know the worst, the wrong data gets overwritten, or your password hive gets all messed up, or on a disaster recovery scenario, you can't get anything built.  I Personally wouldn't take the risk, and just go with a single-vendor solution.

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jamesg1940Author Commented:
I received a reply from Sticky Forum on my question.
Reply was that User ran Sticky along with storing data
on "Google Drop Box" with no issues.
I have requested Sticky tech support to reply to the same questions,
but no reply yet.

I store even a complete drive on ATIH "sync me" Cloud.
Capacity is 250GB of Cloud storage.

The format/layout to Sticky is not as user friendly
as Google Bookmarks. I can barely read the small
text produced by Sticky. However, I paid for Sticky.

I'll try to use Sticky some more with support  before
I return to Google Bookmarks Sync.

Is Google Bookmark sync. as secure? There is so much
hacking fraud now I wanted a secure system,
as I store various financial accounts as bookmarks.
I could return to manually entering all login data on
financial websites. Thus, no auto User login name,
just enter password manually.

BTW: Sticky has video presentations re. how easy some
hacking programs can easily procure passwords from email
address to that account. Frightening.
jamesg1940Author Commented:
Sticky Pro seems to be a one man show with one support person: the CEO.
God forbid if I had issues on a restore. The Forum is there but search is terrible.
IT Pros Agree: AI and Machine Learning Key

We’d all like to think our company’s data is well protected, but when you ask IT professionals they admit the data probably is not as safe as it could be.

As my day job deals with RAID internals, storage diagnostics, and data destruction, etc ... I've often been the last hope after the user, reseller, and subsystem vendor have failed, but the data is so valuable that companies will go belly up, or people lose decades of work (this happens more often then you even want to know ... sometimes even with research paid by taxpayers) if I fail.

Many times root cause is people taking shortcuts to save a few minutes of time because the flawed methodology was more convenient.

You don't get fired for not backing up.  You get fired for not restoring.  Do D/R testing as if your job and company depended on it.  Using those 2 packages together is too high risk.  Script something and pipe it through crypto libraries if you want, but make it simple and easy, and something you can turn off and manipulate in event of a disaster.  

jamesg1940Author Commented:
I agree with your analysis. I'll use your phrase: "restore is the issue to be concerned with" re.
the purpose of the backup procedure, to emphasize the need to backup with quality services.

I have used Acronis True Image for a restoration. Went smoothly, I use a backup internal second drive on my desktop. and
plus store all but the OS & Programs in online storage. First online storage function takes awhile but then incremental is fast. These various online storage services depend on Server speed as the
critical factor in my thinking. Reason: I'll use it if it completes before I awake in morning.
auto shut down, is absolutely required. I use an ESATA3 (6GB transfer rate) Seagate external drive
for my laptop backup.(plus online storage). Really fast.

So "add on" backup & restore speed to your criteria for real world usage.
Right .. my other short tagline is to just say, something to effect, nobody ever needs to backup, they need to restore.  So shop for a good restore software product.  One that works with bare metal, or different metal, or virtual metal, that may be different then what you backed up.
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