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Dear all,
I'm looking for a firewall have functions such as:

1. VPN Site to Site
2. VPN for Client
3. Routing
4. URL filtering
5. File blocking
6. Limited access to internet by IP and User (connect with Active Directory)
7. Modem PPPoe

Please check and list down some HARDWARE product have these function.

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John KratzerCommented:
Sounds like a SonicWall solution.

If they are a smaller client, a TZ210 would do the job for you.

Only thing it does not have in your list is the PPPOE.  You would still need the DSL modem for this.
It also will do E-Mail filtering for Exchange.
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
They are quite big, around 400users and have sonicwall have antivirus function anyway , i forgot to add it to my ASK
John KratzerCommented:
The TZ210 will handle up to 500 users.

If you need something bigger they have a NSA3500.
It also has antivirus funcitons.

Each item is just a license.
They also have the option of remote assist built in.  Also a secure SSL VPN web portal.

I have several TX210's and on NSA3500 in operation.  Easy management and there support is great.
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David SpigelmanPresident / CEOCommented:
The SonicWALL solution would probably be the right road for you, but I'd also suggest looking at the Astaro (now Sophos) solution. I'd look at the ASG 320

I wasn't aware that SonicWALL had an antivirus solution, per se. But I know that Sophos has an excellent one, and they've recently bought Astaro.
Don S.Commented:
Fortinet makes a fortigate box that competes well with sonicwall as well.  The one thing I have found over the years, though, is to upsize the appliance at least one or two steps above what they "rate" them for - especially when doing AV or other IDS.  All the manufacturers seem to over rate their true throughput performance substantially.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Juniper Networks SSG series.  
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
About Sonic Wall, Can I prevent some user in Active Directory (Domain Environment) access to another network or Internet .. by USER !?
I read SPEC and saw authentication LDAP but in some devices this authentication just using for VPN.
John KratzerCommented:
Yes you can.  You can control by group or by individual.  You can get as granular as you like.
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
do you have any document about this hardware, cause I want to make it sure before suggest to my site
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
one more question, can limit access to Internet like this solution:

1. IP allow
2. user A allow *
3. user C allow
4. Deny all

* This user is domain user.
Do I have to config to client anything or just IP and Default gateway like normal and just install some agents on Domain Controller !?
And how do they work !?
John KratzerCommented:
No config on the client is neccessary.

You can restrict by IP address of user or of a site.
You can allow by any user or any AD group.

You can also deny sites or site types by groups or individual users.
bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
so I wonder how sonicwall can authenticate with Domain Controller to restrict user without install agent on DC server :-?
David SpigelmanPresident / CEOCommented:
There is an SSO Agent that gets installed on one machine - typically a server - that communicates between the LDAP and AD, for those purposes.

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bmkhoiAuthor Commented:
good support guy
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