RDP - 2003 Server - need client to open 2 apps on connection

We currently use the RDP for an app, but have added a 3rd party faxing solution and need that app to run in the background so the user is able to fax.    The current setup has users logging in via RDP to the 2003 server, and upon connecting, the client side has this as it's settings:   in Programs, under start a program, we have a specific application running for the connection.  and all is good.

How do I get another app to run as well as the current one using this?

Thank you for your help.

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John KratzerCommented:
Put the app in the startup for all users.

It will then startup whenever a user loggs into the RDP session.
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Create a batch file to start both apps and edit the RDP Programs under start a program to run the batch file.

Example batch file:

@echo off

rem *** Start fax app in background ***
start <app1> /minimized

rem *** Start second app ***
start <app2>
cvvoodAuthor Commented:
Thx I will review for functionality in just a day or so!!
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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:

Since there is a need for multiple applications to start when connecting to an RDP session I think a combination of jkratzer's and my answers is appropriate. To start multiple applications using the batch portion of my answer and placing it the profile as suggested by jkratzer is the best option.

Therefore, if cvvood has no objection I feel the points should be split.
cvvoodAuthor Commented:
I would split the points if a batchfile would allow me to do this..   Since the application relies on Explorer, this application will not run as Explorer.exe is never run on the Remote session.

Any other ideas?   I do,  We are going to create a new OU, move the needed users, create a security profile for AD and have the users login to a 'highly secure' desktop' which will enable the application as needed.  

have a great day you two!!!

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cvvoodAuthor Commented:
these two solutions will work for an application that does not need Explorer.exe
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