Do you think this is the best way of running a video presentation on TVs?

I am helping with IT work at a chain of shops (about 15 shops) who have 2-3 TVs playing .mov presentations at the moment.

Originally, these TVs were each connected to a Mac Mini (don't ask!) which played these videos. The Macs were directly behind the (wall-mounted) TVs, so some of them have fried or had other issues since.

Every few weeks/months, the company updates the video. We then have to manually log on to each Mac remotely and change the video. This was a nightmare as there are 3 in some shops!

Now, we are slowly replacing shops with Nettops. This nettop outputs an HDMI signal in the patch panel room, which is then connected to an HDMI splitter (4-way), which is then connected to a HDMI --> CAT5 adapter (one for each TV), which is then patched in to the two ports behind the TV and then there is a CAT5 --> HDMI adapter which gives an HDMI signal (complicated, right!!) - I have attached an image which may make it a bit simpler.

This new solution works quite well and cheaply (pretty easy to tell what has gone wrong as the splitter and PC would show different issues and couldn't be at fault if one TV is working fine!

The issue of updating the video now is better as there are fewer computers that need updating (and it is easier to do on a PC!) but I am wondering if anybody knows a better way - ideally where the video plays locally but updates at 12 every night, for example.

The updates are not required instantly. We can wait up to a week for them.

Many thanks
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
depends upon how you get the files and whether or not the server has ftp enabled. if so then it is just a task scheduling item. Need more info on how you get the updated video. If you can even share the folders through the network via vpn or otherwise then they would be updated immediately as you would be playing from the network location
If you don't want the files streaming and want them locally then I'd use VPN as ve3ofa suggested and something like Karen's Replicator to copy the new file across at midnight if it has changed.

You would also have to run scripts to shutdown the application that's running the video before copying the new file and then restart the video after it's been updated.
harryhelpAuthor Commented:
A script may be a good idea, I suppose.

Our network is an MPLS one, so all sites are connected via a VPN equivalent. We therefore can access a server via IP.

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harryhelpAuthor Commented:
We have been researching for about 3 months and are trialing out Signage Live, which seems to be the easiest and best solution.

Many thanks and sorry for the delay.

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harryhelpAuthor Commented:
I have posted a solution to my problem, please award all contributors points but my comment was what we went for in the end.
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