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Really elementary question but I've never set up hosted email before.  What do I need in terms of setting up our email domain on a local Exchange Server?  What I mean by this is, we want our email addresses to be  We have registered through Network Solutions, but what does it take to use that domain name as out email address?
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You can set the email domain name inside of Exchange.  this page explains it.

basically, you need to install Exchange, then set the Accepted Domain Name in Exchange.
Then connect exchange to the internet and adjust permissions on your Receive Connector (so that it allows mail).  If you want email to come directly to the Exchange server then you should have a fixed/static IP address (you can use a dynamic IP along with a service such as or, but a fixed/static IP address is best).
Then setup DNS MX record and DNS A (host) record for your Exchange Server public IP address

There are more steps to make it work better, but those are the basic/minimum steps.
Md. MojahidCommented:
Install exchange server and then add accepted domain after that create send connector as u want one impotent thing is that  you have to setup DNS mx record and DNA A record.

check this link for more
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