VB.NET and Microsoft Compability Pack

Asuming that a PC have Microsoft Office 97 - 2003 installed.

Is it then possible for a VB.NET program to detect if the Microsoft Compability Pack for Word, Excel and PowerPoint also is installed?
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The only way I can think of to do this is to look for the registry key

I found this vbscript that will look for the installation of the compatability pack.  Just tweak it to fit in with your code

Dim WSHShell, RegKey, rKeyWord, Result
Set WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
RegKey =
On Error Resume Next 'The registry key does not exist
rKeyWord = WSHShell.RegRead(RegKey & "ProductName") ' but if it does read it
If rKeyWord = "Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system" Then
MsgBox "Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system - installed"
MsgBox "Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system - NOT installed"
End If

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