Video Conferencing on Local Network

What software (Windows 7) can I use for video conferencing on our local area network that does NOT communicate out to the Internet? We could type in a computer name or IP address and the two could begin a video conference through the local web cam on the system.

I remember a day and age when there was a product called Microsoft NetMeeting that was exactly what I was looking for and included with the operating system, but now I cannot seem to find anything.

Thank you so much!

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Have u tried Microsoft ShareView?
PSFgeeksAuthor Commented:
I like the SharedView suggestion though it still has that problem of having to use a Windows Live login to start a session rather than running entirely on the LAN, so potentially each of our employees would have to create a Windows Live login.  Maybe that is what I need to do, but that is a level of complication I was hoping to avoid.
PSFgeeksAuthor Commented:
Openfire with Spark client appears to be the way many have gone.

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PSFgeeksAuthor Commented:
Continued digging and the only solution I found that allowed for LAN video conferencing without connecting to the internet was this open source option.
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