How pass data form a Sharepoint to Another Sharepoint

Hello I 've two Sahrepoint Servers, the first (A)has an beta version and the other (B) has foundation SP1,

I need pass a lot of data from A to B, i think i can't use DAVCOPY becouse the Source isn't local.

Any to pass the data?

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Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Because SharePoint stores all it's content in the SQL databases there are limited options to doing this.  SharePoint wasn't really designed for this type of process but it is possible.  You have to be on the same release of SharePoint and generally cannot copy from a newer version to an older version in the same release.

Document libraries can be accessed using WebDAV so you can do a copy/paste using Windows Explorer.

IE: can be accessed as \\\DocumentLibrary\

You can use the UNC path to copy to another document library

Lists can be copied/pasted using SharePoint Designer between installations as long as the site templates are the same type on both sites.

You can also save a list as a list template with content, then export/import it to a new site and create a new list with the template, then delete it.

Entire pages can be copied/pasted using SharePoint Designer.

Page content in web parts has to be brute force copies using SharePoint Designer.

Web sites (not web applications) can be copied/pasted using SharePoint Designer or the web UI with limits based on the site type and template.  Once again templates must be consistent on both installations including features to ensure they work properly.

Site Collections can be copied/pasted using either a backup/restore or export/import feature on the web UI or command line but it has some issues at times if the versions and features on both installations are not compatible.  Configurations of both installations need to be very similar and you cannot go from a newer version to older.  The release has to be the same SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2010 as an example.

Web Applications can be copied using a backup/restore either with the command line or using a combination of the SQL backup/restore and the web UI.  This is a tricky process.
A couple of questions for you
Assuming you are an admin on both servers, is this true?
if yes then
Any reason you can't upgrade the Beta version to Foundation SP1? - its best to be on the exact same version when moving stuff between sharepoint sites

Assuming you are an admin, how much date are you taling about, the whole database, just a few sites, just a list?
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
Hello again,

The A Sharepoint (Beta) don't work correctly a Microsoft engineer has worked over that and recommended me to reinstall sharepoint and pass the data.

I use Windows Explorar but many times i can't copy the entire Document Library, and i have to copy folder by folder. the amount of total data in SQL are over 100 Gb...

Thanks again.
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