Printing to Windows 2003 Server problems


I have two Servers, both on the same domain and both visible to each other. Both are Win2003 Server R2 and on the same network segment.

One server is setup to handle about 12 network printers nationally whilst the other run our accounting system to which uses Optio's Electronic Document Managment software to which formats, spools and then sends off the print job to the other server.

What i have found is that i cannot print any document that uses this EDM as for some reason the other server thinks that print job is from a source not on this domain however all others that don't use the EDM work fine. I suspect its badly coded software which doesn't run as the local user but anyway i digress.

There was an older NT4 server that i used to use and i enabled the Guest Account which made it all work however doing the same in Win2003 Server doesn't work at all.

Can anyone advise how i can allow a foreign print source access Win2003 so that it can print successfully?

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Don S.Commented:
Are the printers setup with everyone permissions? Or are they restricted in some way?  It sounds like the print jobs are comming in with null credentials which is typical for processes that are spawned under the sytem account.
tmaster100Author Commented:

After some more checking the print jobs were coming in as "Anonymous Login" so i have had to enable the Guest account. Luckily the servers role is just a print server and it doesn't have access directly to the internet.  

Will work with the software vendor to find a proper fix as i am never keen on allowing Guest access.

By the way, i got it all going once i made some adjustments in the Local Security Policy.

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tmaster100Author Commented:
Worked out issue myself.
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