Odd Job Behavior

I have a stored procedure that I also execute via scheduled job.  When I execute the stored procedure, all the records update and I get the correct result.

When I schedule this same stored procedure to run via a scheduled job, every 30 minutes, all the records do not update as they do when I just execute the stored procedure in a query analyser window.  Two or thre records at a time will update.

We are usng SQL 2008.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?
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This looks weird. Are you sure both the procedures are same only?
And by any chance, are you using SET ROWCOUNT  in the job with the procedure. This might be a reason for it to just update a certain number of records.
programmherAuthor Commented:
I compared the current version with previous versions of the proc and also compared the SSIS package.  There was a discrepancy within the SSIS package.   I backed out this new logic and this resolved the issue.

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programmherAuthor Commented:
I started from square one with the entire process and recognized logic added by someone else within the SSIS package.
programmherAuthor Commented:
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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