idea needed: displaying insurance names

I need an idea on how to do this. I have a list of insurance companies. For example, 1200 for Florida. I need to display these to the user and have them select as many as they want.

I'm thinking about have this:
1. A dropdownlist displaying states
2. Buttons or hyperlinks to display A thur Z alphabet.
3. A listview to let the user choose what they want from each Alphabet group
4. User selects insurances in each group (for example, 10 insurances that start with A)
5. I save in the database.

Is this a good idea to do? What if the user selects 100 do I save 100 items that are selected from the listview to the database ...100 hits? that's no good.
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You can use the dropdown option with MULTIPLE option but limit to say 5 or less.

Why do you think someone would want to select 100 insurances?
NavneetSoftware EngineerCommented:

I think of having Tree View
where nodes are Your Alphabets
and inner nodes with checkbox selection option as places
This will be neat and easy to navigate for user.
-  A
+ B
+ C
-  D
.. So on

Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Without knowing more about how your customers/visitors would want to select these items, I'd go with a gridview.  

Then, if they want to organize the list by state, you can let them sort by that column; if they want to organize the list by company name, you can let them sort on that column; etc.  Selection could be done with a checkbox in its own column.
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
>>Why do you think someone would want to select 100 insurances?
it's a doctor's office but yes, would a doctor's office accept 100 different insurances...i doubt it.
Kamal KhaleefaInformation Security SpecialistCommented:
make checkbox with grouping
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