unformatted web pages appear at random

Over the past few months I often find some web pages will be very slow to load (45 seconds) and when they do load, they have lost all formatting (text is left justified, sometimes over writing itself).  Since this started I have had my ISP change me from DSL to cable (with the requisite change in modem and in increase in download speed from 6mb to 25mb) with no change to the problem.  When I get this problem I can usually refresh and get the web page properly formatted.  The problem occurs at random.  It does not seem to be related to any particular web sites (that I have been able to discern).  It is also not confined to a single PC.  It might be related to firefox as that is the browser usually (but not always) in use.  It happens on many web sites, but not all the time.  Both wired and wireless PC's get the problem.

There is a firewall / router and a switch, either of which could be part of the problem.

Running windows 7; firefox 8.0.1; IE 9.0.8112; Cisco RV-042 firewall/router
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kenwiensAuthor Commented:
I replaced the router and the problem disappeared.  Not sure why a router would do this - but the change was immediate.  My Linksys RV042 router was only 6 months old, had the latest firmware,  so I was surprised if it was defective and I had tried resetting it to factory defaults.  I replaed it with another (same model but newer hardware / firmware revision) and problem goes away (I won;t say solved as I really don';t know the root cause yet)
problem may be in the MPU, check this similar forum ,


hope it has help you :-)
Try chaning dns setting...

Try opendns for troubleshooting purpose.

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It is more than likely the host causing the issue, not your PC
Check you cache, it could the there too.
kenwiensAuthor Commented:
I have tried the above 4 solutions (late response frmo me as I was out of the country) and none seem to have made a change.  To contribute further to the randomness of this:

It was suggestd there might be a java engine issue causing this in Firefox.  To test this, when I got the issue in a firefox window I would then open the same page in IE - and it worked.  Later though I discoverer the opposite.  Pages that wouldn;t display properly (left justified) in IE would work in Firefox.

Also ran a number of repeated ping tests (500,000 per test).  I would usually get only about 4 failures.

Replaced the primary switch yesterday.  No change, but the switched is partially managed so I can monitor transmit errors (so far errors = 0).

Worked with the ISP.  They are trying to help but don't know how they can.  No one else is reporting the issue, tests they do from the ISP to my site show no problems (plus the change from DSL to cable occurred during the life of this problem so that took a lot of the infrastructure out of the scope of the problem.

Still confused.  Trying to confirm I can duplicate the problem on other computers.
kenwiensAuthor Commented:
Solved problem through router replacement
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