Should I warm my car every morning?

I have Yaris Sedan 2006,I wake up late everyday so I turn on my car then I go directly to work without warming up my engine, is that will harm my car engine?
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DamjanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way to wam up your engine is by driving the vehicle.  
Today's cars have computer driven performance systems that compensate for outdoor temperatures and cold engines. Idling is not an effective way of warming up, as your vehicle is made up of many moving parts. To properly warm your vehicle’s transmission, tires, suspension, steering and wheel bearings, you need to slowly drive-off.
Tiras25Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How far to work?
Condensation builds up on short trips.  Piston scuff and ring wear occurs in a cold engine if not driven real easy.

Otherwise I agree with the previous poster.  You should let it warm up enough for the oil pressure to come up, which only takes seconds.  No reason to warm up longer than that and waste gas.  Just drive it easily for 5 minutes. In the old days carburetors that were not well tuned would cause a stall. Now with FI it shouldn't happen.  Engines and transmission all warm up quicker when under load.
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IhabAuthor Commented:
What I understand is to drive slowly for 5 minutes , then speed up
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Way too late...well it is Xmas...better late than never?

But the correct answer... depends entirely on the oil (lubricants) you use in your engine & transmition and also your climate.

Single grade oils are thickest when cold = low viscosity until they warm-up and become thinner = higher viscosity...thus the oil needs to warm-up before they can flowfast & lube the moving parts correctly.
(compare lard which is hard when cold to cooking oil which remailns liquid even when cold)
Multi-grade oils that maintain their viscosity at the temperatue range the are rated at...
e.g. of the wider ranged oils will have the viscosity of 5W when very cold & 50W when very hot.

Hpe ths hlps.

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PS  Very cold (-0C) climates require engine sump heaters to warm the engines oil before starting.
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