Export data to CSV in Crystal Report 2008


I want to export my report data in CSV format as it is shown on report. however when I tried it, it does not export them to the correct CSV format.  I need my csv format shows a line of column header and all detail content listed below column header

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What options did you set for the export.

I just built  simple report and when I exported the page headers they repeated on each line.

I changed the option to ISOLATE PAGE HEADERS nd then they appeared once

WHat do you mean as it is shown on the report?

How is the result different from what you want?

Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
CSV files don't generally have column header data. They're designed to be just record data in order to be imported into other databases. In older versions of Crystal Reports, one had to create a "page header" as the first record in the detail data in order to get the expected output.  That's not true with Crystal Reports 2008, though, which gives you greater control over exporting to csv.

With Crystal Reports 2008, you can isolate various sections.  I just wrote a sample report and it exported the page headers perfectly fine in csv format.  So, are your column headers actually in a page/report header?  If so, they should export fine. If not, why not?
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
Hi Rhinok;

In your sample, does the page headers repeatly displayed in the CSV file too?  Because the data in my Crystal Report 2008 will be exported to the CSV file and the column header cannot be repeated.

Now, I have to export my Crystal report result to the Excel ('xls") file first, then open it with Excel and save it back to the CSV file, I want to skip this part.

I think rhinok should get some credit since he suggested the answer.  My comment was simply to provide the method of implementing his comment.

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