How to find the correct disk (\\?\volume)

i have a few disks in a server. some eventmessages direct to a specific volume. but i could find a way to determine which disk contains that volume. not in properties and not in diskpart. do you have a clue how to find out. thanks

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Subhashish LahaCommented:
I think that you want to determine the Volume letter and Disk number from Volume GUID. If that is correct then follow below steps.

Open Command prompt and run command "Mountvol", it will show the VolumeGUID and Volume Letter.


Then open Disk management and check which Disk contain that volume.
If it is Windows Server 2008, you can go to server manager (usually on the task bar, next to the start button, looks like a computer and a toolbox icon) and expand the selection for Roles, File Services, Share and Storage management, and it will show you the Share Volume names and the Local Path that it is actually stored at.

 2008 Server Screen Shot
In Windows 2003 Server, run the Manage Your Server application (Start, Program, Administrative Tools, Manage your Server), and under the File Server Roles, you click on "Manage this file Server" and under the "Shares" selection it will show you the share volume names and folder paths.
mzuckermAuthor Commented:
no. it doesnt display the information i need. please look at the screenshots. i need thei \\?\VOLUME Information.

 eventid volumes
the eventviewer message shows the volume. i need info about which disk this is. i found out that in "shadow copy properties the volume info is shown but i think i could find this out in some other way?
mzuckermAuthor Commented:
That was the correct answer. Thanks
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