Why the rollover buttons not working "Interior, exterior and performance" ?

Why the rollover buttons not working "Interior, exterior and performance" ?
but when I remove The action script code its work
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click on the object and look in its properties

if the button you are talking about is a "button" type and not a “movie clip” type the button will have a time line with stops in it. to see the time line
double click on the button. A button will show what is in each frame of its timeline for each state mouse up/ mouse over etc.. without the use of code. if you want to use code to control the effect of an object’s mouse state create a new Movie clip (make sure it is not a button type) then add an instance name and then the code for the mouse events.

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as conagraman says, if you have a movieclip with  a button inside, once you're trying to add code to it, your button states (up/down) etc get lost.

moving fwd in AS2 and AS3 - in my opinion - you should start using a movieclip.
create frames to replace the different states.
put a stop() action in the first one, and add the code as shown in the sample file I've uploaded.

Ayman_fmaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Advanced " conagraman & blue-genie "
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