i get an error as attached when rendering a video in adobe premeire elements 2.0

when exporting a video clip in adobe premiere elements 2.0 the attached error is displayed. it happens when rendering reached almost 99%. appreciate your help.
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technocrackdoha, hi I am somewhat puzzled by the web page Aljazeera in teh background,
and what relevence it has to video?
Needs more details,
did you capture this web page? With your email client open on the side?
The actual error seems to points to the Media cache/videosourceframecache
that indicates that the work going on in the background is storing stuff onto your HDD, this cache can become full..Or something like that
Move or clean the Media Cache Database
When Premiere Pro imports video and audio in some formats, it processes and caches versions of these items that it can readily access when generating previews. The media cache greatly improves performance for previews, because the video and audio items do not need to be reprocessed for each preview.
Note: When you first import a file, you may experience a slight delay while the media are being processed and cached.
A media cache database retains links to each of the conformed audio files, PEK files, and index files used in Premiere Pro projects.
 By default, Premiere Pro installs the media cache database in the folder where the application itself is installed.
However, you can move the media cache database to any location of your choosing. Also, you can clean the database of all of the support files that are not in use.

Premiere Pro shares the media cache database with After Effects, Adobe Encore, and Adobe Soundbooth, so each of these applications can each read from and write to the same set of cached media files. If you change the location of the database from within any of these applications, the location is updated for the other applications, too. Each application can use its own cache folder, but the same database keeps track of them all.

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