Office 2003 Service Pack(s) and New Components


We had elements of office 2003 pro installed on a server (only Access 2003) and patched to SP3. I have now installed Outlook 2003 from the same CD. The Outlook version claims to be SP3 but has the version number 11.8169.8172 whereas on my client PC Outlook to SP3 is 11.8330.8341. This suggests to me that Outlook is at SP1 level on the server but I am unable to re-installed SP3 for Office 2003 because it is already installed.

Does Outlook need patching and if so, how do I do it?
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Uninstall all of the office, and then reinstall.  Then patch.  The Microsoft mantra for patching has always been to patch after you have made any changes.  
I would run an update from the microsoft update below.  But remember, different OS's get different updates, even if it's for Office, it all depends on the OS so you may not need anything on your server.  Let microsoft check for updates and pick the ones you want downloaded

ajmcqueenAuthor Commented:
I am not sure if this is the only solution but I am going to do it anyway.
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