Windows 2008 R2 bootable iso image for creating VM on Win 7 VPC.


I am looking for information to download Windows 2008 R2 bootable iso image for creating Test Lab on Windows 7 PC by using Virtual PC 2007.
Also need guidence about how to convert 2008 cd dumps to bootable iso image.
Pleasem let me know if anyone has done this.
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You should be able to download trials for 2008 server r2 from the m$ technet site. Those are isos and bootable.

Just use a good Burner utility, like the free infra-recorder, with it you can make isos from CD's or DVD's:

I'd use VMware Player or Oracle's VirtualBox for the VM, rather than VPC. To setup the VM's within those is straight forward, most of it is automatic and won't need additional help. Just make sure you are using a 64bit OS, as 2008 r2 is 64 bit only.
If I may add to Rindi's answer: one thing that saves me a lot of time in labs are good VM cloning tools, which you don't get with VMware's Player (not sure about VirtualBox). In VMW Workstation you can easily clone a VM and not have to setup a new machine from scratch, and the cloning tool automatically assigns new MAC addresses, so you don't have to mess with configuration changes, sans running a quick sysprep /generalize.
ex_adAuthor Commented:
Hi Rindi,

I am trying to user folder2iso freeware however the iso's created are not bootable and hence unable to create VM.
Do we have any tool to create bootable iso from data copied from win 2k8 CD on HDD?
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Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
You can download a trial of Windows Sever 2008 R2 from Microsoft as rindi suggested but you cannot install it on Windows 7 Virtual PC because R2 is 64-bit only and Virtual PC supports 32-bit virtual OS only.

You need VMware software to run a 64-bit virtual OS on the top of Windows 7. I am not familiar with VMware products; you can do a little research on Unfortunately, the product you will need is not free.
A bootable CD or DVD is already bootable. If you you want to make an iso from that just use a CD/DVD burning utility to make an iso from that CD or DVD. Most of those utilities can easily do that, and those isos are bootable.
To get a bootable ISO, download the Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise evaluation. It will be a bootable ISO.

As for the VM software, you can use VMware player (free) VirtualBox (free), or Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise evaluation with Hyper-V (free). The first two run on Windows 7 64bit, the last replaces Windows 7 (or dual boot).

My recommendation for a learning lab is Windows 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-V. Performace will be better than anything that runs on top of Windows 7 because hyper-V is a type 1 hypervisor, and Hyper-V is an increasingly valuable job skill, where VMware player and VirtualBox experience doesn't mean much to the enterprise. If you have two computers, you can also use VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.0 (formerly ESXi) for free, and that is an enterprise product also.
ex_adAuthor Commented:
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