DNS Forwarding

If I have two internal DNS servers (Windows Server 2003) each configured with DNS Forwarding. Each server has its own internet connection but they are both on the same internal network. If I have a client PC configured with both DNS server IPs in its network properties (one as the Primary and the other as the Alternative), what will happen if the first DNS server cannot resolve a request from the client for an external DNS name (say, because its Internet connection is down). Will the client ask the second (Alternative) DNS server or, becase it could connect to the first one, accept the response from that (Primary) DNS server that the name could not be resolved?
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No, it will not ask your secondary. Your primary NS will respond with an "no record found" and you'll get the requisite error message in your browser. If your primary goes down or otherwise cannot be contacted, then and only then will your client attempt to resolve records through your secondary.
AWGMorrisonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that's what I suspected. Is there a way of getting around this so that the Alternative DNS is queried?
No, that's the way DNS works. If the record in your primary does not resolve your secondary should not resolve it either; that is, if both are configured correctly.

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AWGMorrisonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
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