Formatting a number in a formula in Crystal Reports

I have this formula:
Round({Purchorder.NBR-LINES}) & "/" &  Round({Purchorder.CLOSED-LINES})

The results of this formula display the data:

I am trying to NOT display the .00.  I have tried many versions of the Round and RoundUp function, such as, RoundUp({Purchorder.NBR-LINES}), 2) and the .00 still displays on the report.  Suggestions on how NOT to display the .00.
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Assuming you must round, then to remove the zero do..
totext(Round({Purchorder.NBR-LINES}) ,0,"") & "/" & totext( Round({Purchorder.CLOSED-LINES}),0,"")

garyjgsAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  Worked like a charm!
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